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That depends, of course—on your income and other financial obligations; We have lenders that we work with and trust that we can refer you to for pre-qualification. That’s the best way to find out how much you will be able to get a mortgage loan for. You will want to do this before you start shopping. If you see houses you love outside your price range, it opens you up to disappointment. Having the pre-qualification makes you much more attractive to sellers!

We at Durden Property Group suggest ten to twelve. Home shoppers these days can look at hundreds of homes online, making it easier to narrow down the types of properties that they actually want to go and see in person. But

Typical escrow periods are 30 to 45 days. Sometimes our lender and title companies can speed the process up and get it closed closer to 30 days. If you are paying cash, you can close typically in two weeks. Durden Property Group works efficiently and diligently to close your transaction as quickly as possible.

Yes, you can— and many people do, but it’s the real estate equivalent of walking a tightrope. On the one hand, if you buy a home before you sell the one you’re in, you’re overextended financially; if you sell before you buy, you might need to rent awhile before finding a new place. But there are ways to do both at once, and one option is to instate a “sale contingency” in your contract. This means you only agree to buy a home if you can sell the one you’re in. The only downside is if your seller doesn’t agree (which is possible if they want the timing set in stone). Durden Property Group handles these types of deals on a regular basis and we can guide you through this process.